Friday, November 23, 2007

A letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,
It's me, Im the one in the Bobba Fett Costume (just joking), here to ask you all a big favor. Myself and the other contributer to this fantastic, amazing, witty, and artistic blog would like you to know that we know your out there. Thats right, theres this great tool called Google analytics, it lets us know that your reading and that many of you find us by google searching some very strange phrases. We know you travel from far and wide and that many of you even come from countries that don't speak English. Im here to ask you, our loyal and lovely readers that when you come, you should post a little comment to let us know what you think, because we care. When you are here visiting us from The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Spain or even India that you drop us a little note. We here at Loopy Rocket work hard everyday to provide you with the best links, wittiest remarks and most artsy Posts. We couldn't do it without your support. So while your here in our proverbial bathrooms, please, please by all means leave us a floater. Once again we here at the Prestigious Loopy Rocket would like to hear from you, whoever you are.
The Editor