Thursday, November 1, 2007

I know a Geek whose getting married soon, hmmmm...

Yesterday while authoring way too many posts on the job I came across the tag line "wedding inspiration", well I checked into it and it appears the other blogger here has only posted one thing to this tag, she is getting married soon (I hope) and I think that it should be my mission to inspire my friend in all things wedding, since im a pro and all, going on two years being married and planned my fantastic wedding myself. I actually got this compliment last week, "We have been to seven weddings this year and since your wedding they have all sucked ass, yours was by far the best, best party, best people, best food, hands down, you win." Now I don't mean to boast or anything but I think I should quit my job and plan weddings, you know? Be prepared for a rash of wedding inspiration in the form of pictures and links and enjoy!

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  1. Oh dear god.
    I certainly won't be doing anything DST license related..
    If anything I'll be doing THUNDERCATS!