Thursday, November 8, 2007

Highlandtown Basement Bar Tour!

Whee hew! Looking for housing in Hampden was probably the neatest thing one could do!
There are loads of houses with "club basements' from when alchohol was illegal. Can't go out drinking at a bar? Let's head over to Bobs! I hear he's got some bathtub brew!

But what's even neater is sometimes people transform the run down clubs into it's former glory! And that's just what the Highlandtown Community Assoc. wants to show you:

They're spearheading a Highlandtown Basement Bar tour this Saturday!

our Highlandtown's buried treasures. The basement bar or club room has been a bastion of home entertainment since the 50's. Experience Highlandtown's social
sanctuaries, ultra mod and tiki'd out, then join us for a San Martino celebration featuring roasted chestnuts and young wine. 2007 dates to be announced.
Saturday November 10, 2007,
2 – 4 PM San Martino
Reception at Di Pasquale's 4 PM