Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Custom Paper Dolls "Tutorial-ish"!

As you may/may not know there was a huge influx of my family down to Austin for this years turkey day. And my fabulously fantastic family hosts Mike & Ayse of Beef & Pie catered to 50 PEOPLE!

I'd heard for years how they throw the most creative parties. Even Martha Stewart would squeal with delight. Some highlights were Mike's home brewed beers and the deep fried turducken! And Ayse transformed their Austin backyard into a bedouin harem complete with pillows, low chairs & a fire pit!

So I took a loooooong hard thought for my hostess gift. What could you possible get 2 such creative types? Personalized gift you can't buy in stores!!!

Behold their own actual Paper Dolls!!
It was actually pretty easy...

- I got me some Tom Tierney Paper Dolls books through Amazon. He's got the best art and fantastic choices! I went with the Great Movie Dance Couples Paper Dolls (but the Dalai Lama & British Fashion Dolls were a close kitch second!)
- Scanned in the paper dolls I wanted
- Scanned in some photos
- Did some fancy Photoshop work (mostly Diffused Glow Filters to match the artwork)
- And Printed out the paper dolls with their new heads!

Viola! Instant Fabulousness!!!!

It was so fun I made some for all the cousins!
Above is one of my sis DiG as Marlene Dietrich!

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to blog about this, I know you put in a ton of hard work on these and it shows, they are FABULOUS! I hope everyone appreciated your creativity and thoughtfullness.

    /I want turducken (tear)