Thursday, November 8, 2007

Campaign Ad Ever Makes Politics Exciting Again

I used to be really into politics before I realized that it's a soulcrushing venue full of pigs and jackals with few good guys to root for and not enough hope for anything good to ever really get done. Well, if we had more politicians like Chris Knight around, maybe I'd get interested again. This commercial, which aired in Rockingham County, North Carolina, last year, is pretty much the best campaign ad ever created by a pretty sizable margin.

-Via Gizmodo

And according to Geekologie:

-- and yes, it's real. It was made last year in Rockingham County, North Carolina for a seat on the Board of Education. The dude didn't win, but he did get 4,648 votes from people who obviously know what the hell is up with politics.

What makes this really scary, is this guy looks just like my friend Don. In fact, Don is into Politics...and has that SAME tie! Heck, this could be him!

The force is strong with this one.

Thanks a buttload Jesse!

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