Monday, November 5, 2007

The Best and Worst of Celebrity Halloween Costumes!!!

You know you were all waiting for this moment, the worst celebrity Halloween costume goes to none other than , wait for it.................... Britney!!! ( did you even have to wonder, of course she was ganna win it)

My Best costume award goes to Gwen, not only because I think she is the most awesome person to walk the planet, but because to contrast Brit-Brit's barley there costume. Britney, a word of advice: Class it up a bit will ya!?!

So I guess cat costumes were all the rage this Halloween, Next year I want to be a cougar!


  1. Ack! What is she supposed to be?
    A stripper on crack?.. oh wait..

  2. HA! you took the words right outa my mouth!