Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1 Awesome ReTrO 1950's COMPLETE salon set

Holy Crap! Look what I found!
If I had this, I would play dress up everyday!

From their site:

Up for sale is an unbelievable entire beauty shop salon collection. One owner straight from an in home salon that started in the late 40's... Three stations with black porcelain sinks. All barber chairs, furniture, and many more things not pictured!!

@ Atomic Warehouse in York, PA


  1. WOW!!! How cool would it be to have this set up in your basement as your "hang out". I would somehow incorporate a martini bar into the mix.

  2. damn, i just left you a huge ass comment and lost it all.

    basically i thanked you for reading my blog. this blog is mainly for family. yes, i keep two blogs, sometimes my actions don't warrant family input. they seem to be the silent type. occasionally i'll get an email or phone call about it. so i know they're reading.

    i'll be adding you to my list of bloggers. that is, if you don't mind. thanks for posting such great links. it's amazes me all the sites the internet has to offer.