Friday, October 26, 2007

Yes..the Pumpkin Gate Beckons you!

…Don’t go in there!
It’s PumpkinGate!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Boss really wanted to enter a "DST" pumpkin into our company contest "to show those 3rd floor creative types how it's done" And since I'm the "creative" one of the group, it all fell to me!!
This is what I came up with! I figured we make Stargate toys... let's advertise & make it spooky!

If your not familiar with StarGate (TV & Movie)..
Pic below is an "activated" Stargate:

I hope we win!
Otherwise, I'm fired


  1. Ahhh!! Won't know till Wednesday!
    (tho it's kinda moldy now.. just adds to the scifi element!)

  2. I'm FIRED!!
    I lost to a @#&%!# Skull carving!!! A SKULL!! Hellloooo???? It's a creativity contest people!

  3. Although I did get a free movie pass as a "sorry you're the first loser" prize!

  4. You got ripped off, I voted for yours and mine,we should have stuffed the ballots.