Monday, October 15, 2007

Squaaks - Everything Twice Music Video

Paper Airplane fights were never so cool!

The Squaaks are a fantastic band from b-more... and when teamed up with movie moguls Red Star KGB, the ensuing mix is a rockin first music video!!

I was a lucky ducky that day and got to be an extra! I think its cause I've gotten drunk & thrown TVs with these guys. Unfortunately I'm a blur, but you do get a good glimpse of Jason Dove’s cameo as the sound guy!

Watching fake airplanes fly through the air is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon at the Ottobar. Kudos to all involved!


  1. i went to high school with them redstar kids...

  2. No kidding! I frequent bars & extra calls with them... Perhaps we've been at the same stumblefest together!