Friday, October 19, 2007

Meat Suit

I know I should be focusing on his social statement on world culture...
but, He's wearing a MEAT SUIT (after releasing doves John Woo style).

Zhang Huan is primarily a performance artist but he also occasionally makes photographs and sculpture.
For 'My New York' (above) he wore a suit made of fresh cuts of meat stitched together and strode down Fifth Avenue, releasing white doves from a cage, a Buddhist gesture of compassion. The performance also evoked the rawness and fragility of post 9/11 America.

Other performance art from Zhang Huan, consists of making a giant Buddha statue from the ash of joss sticks (prayer sticks). See above. And covering himself with honey and sitting in a public restroom, while flies began to stick to him.

Via We Make Money not Art

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