Monday, October 22, 2007

Custom lol Cat Stamps

My girlfriend, who is INCREDIBLY hard to shop for, has a birthday today. After about a month of banging my head with the possibilities (does she need a Shinzi Katoh CafeMug?) I said SCREW IT we're abusing her LOVE of kitties. (she loves'em so much, she started this site at her work).

VIOLA! Custom Made lol Cat stamps!!!
I designed these adorable stamps you see above by stealing the kitty from the pic below, for her "own" kitty stickup art, and a nice usable anywhere word bubble.

Then I sent my work to Baumgarten! I used them a couple years ago when I was at my previous job, but after Pret a Voyager posted this (her pic below) the stars aligned!

Hope she likes them!

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