Monday, October 22, 2007

Cell Phone tours? At the BMA? How 2007!

What a good idea!
Use your cell phone at the Baltimore Museum of Art for a free guided tour
and Don't miss the new Matisse exhibit! Starting Oct. 28
From their site:
NEW! Cell Phone Tour
Explore the BMA’s lush sculpture gardens with a cell phone tour. Call 443-573-1822 to hear commentary by BMA Director Doreen Bolger, BMA Objects Conservator Ann Boulton, sculptor Mark diSuvero, and special reminiscences from BMA Trustee Peggy Heller—who grew up with the Wurtzburger sculpture collection prior to its donation to the Museum. See the cell phone tour brochure for more information.
Next time I'm at the bar, I'm giving this out as my number ;)

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