Friday, September 28, 2007

Hiiiiiya! Smashing FIgurines

I have always wanted to break those little porcelien figurines.
They just beg..." throw me!" "Smash!" "I make great CurCKUNK sounds"
I wanna pounce on them like a hyena.. but I refrain. Polite society tells me no...

But not so for Martin Klimas! Ooooo noooo.... He breaks shit!

German photographer Martin Klimas has a great technique for high impact shots. He releases ceramic figurines from a certain height in the dark. When they hit the ground, the sound causes the lights to suddenly go on and the moment is captured. Klimas goes through a lot of figurines for the cause and of course each explosive moment is different. Klimas’ photography begs the question: is it still life or action? Apart from the technical attraction of this series, there is also the matter of brazenly doing something we have always tried to avoid to doing.

via Art Moco

Here's his website: Martin Klimas

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