Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hell's Angels meets Jackson Pollack

This is the most awesome exhibit/gallery/ thing I have ever heard of...
(It's like a Monster Truck Rally for Hipsters!)

Bad boy artist AARON YOUNG turned the NYC art world on its ear Monday nite when he unleashed the raw power of his “Greeting Card” installation at the prestigious SEVENTH REGIMENT ARMORY to a carefully selected crowd of art world royalty and downtown art stars and scumbags alike, including a hefty dose of NYC Hell’s Angels.

In an effort to pay homage to a notable 1944 painting of the same name by old school bad boy artist Jackson Pollack, Young enlisted a team of 10 professional stunt bikers, many from Team G Unit, led by iconic rider Wink 1100 to tear ass for seven minutes across 288 panels of freshly painted plywood installed on the floor of the 55,000 square foot exhibition space to create a unique piece of original art that is equal parts performance art from hell, live painting, and grandiose “Fuck You.”

Needless to say, the smoke and smell was “stuntastic” beyond words and probably shaved a few years off the lifespans of all in attendance. With a pricetag of over $150,000, some very prestigious sponsors including TOM FORD and SOTHEBY’S covered the expense of putting on the piece which was the official starting gun of the Fall 2007 art season arms race. Chances of anything else beating this? Slim to none.

ERIK FOSS (aka: STUNTBOY) was on site representing the scumbag elite with
his trusty camera and breathing mask in hand.

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