Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why I love design, or How I learned to Love Vaderology

Omg, I almost plotzed when I saw this! Brilliant! Amazing! I love it!

For SDCC artists "decorated" Darth Vaders Helmet for the Anniversary...
This one is BY far my favorite with such sections as "Death" and "the Dark"

OLIVER JEFFERS: I wanted to show the thought process of Darth Vader, and had originally intended to show a thought bubble of sorts full of crazy drawings and writings. This then, through making drawings, developed onto a version of a ceramic Phrenology head used in Psychology, but with Vader related thoughts instead of the regular mind mechanics.

I named it “Vaderology” with a subtitle “the Magnetic Resonance of Darth”,which is a variation on the original title.

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