Friday, August 10, 2007

Trophy Exhibit at Stolen Space

Kirsty Whiten

287th July - 19th August. These trophies are talismans, votive icons, pervy trinkets and fancy goods. They are objects to focus yearning, wishes and prayers for a justified fingering. ......A collection of anthropological relics describing sacred sexual practices has been discovered.... A group of socially inept individuals eager to lose their inhibitions try to enact the rituals of a carnal tradition long disappeared.... There’s always been an element of reverence in Kirsty Whiten’s distinctive drawings, in the attention to detail and careful, time-consuming rendering of her peculiar subjects. With this series of ‘Votive Icons’ she takes her sharpened, reverent pencil and puts it to more literal use; creating objects to celebrate intimate touches; masturbation and fisting, in beautifully detailed drawings and sculptures with a twist.

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