Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"8 ways to drive a graphic designer mad"

8 ways to drive a graphic designer mad.

By Ghisroy

He touches subjects like:


If the graphic designer chooses Helvetica for a font, ask for Arial. If he chooses Arial, ask for Comic Sans. If he chooses Comic Sans, he's already half-insane, so your job's half done.

5-Chosing your words

When describing what you want in a design, make sure to use terms that don't really ean anything. Terms like "jazz it up a bit" or "can you make it more webbish?". "I ould like the design to be beautiful" or "I prefer nice graphics, graphics that, you now, when you look at them you go: Those are nice graphics." are other options. Don't feel bad about it, you've got the right. In fact, it's your duty because we all now hat on fullmoons, graphic designers shapeshift into werewolves.

Read it if you want to live!

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