Monday, July 16, 2007

Living Cell Art

The acquisition of living cells and tissues for artistic purposes:

Converge: Where Science meets Art

Artforms: Semi-Living Three Dimensional Tissue Sculptures and Biological Imaging.

Science engagements: Tissue Technologies

Ok, What? So according to my sis, these guys grew living cells from pigs, onto a wing shape...
From there they removed the wing shape, and VIOLA! Instant Pigs Wings!


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  1. Im realy disappointed at some of the directions artists are taking to do something "new". I would prefer to see a really well done thought out painting than some peetree dishes with bacteria called art. I get it and all, Im just over the trying to be "new" thing, its all been done, so we should be trying to take the old styles and make them better, NAY! perfect them.