Thursday, July 19, 2007

distort by numbers: The Annotated Guide To Making Faith Hill 'Hot'

Faith Hill Retouched in Photoshop:

Original Photoshoot...

With the most "I'm gonna fall off my chair laughing" annotations on the photoshop experience:
Quotes Below taken directly from their article:

Redbook happens to have a photo editor named Bruce Perez so we are going to be reverse-sexist and, instead of the magazine's female creative director, blame him for the fact that Faith Hill looks sooooo very Carrie Underwood on the cover of Redbook. We don't know Bruce, but here's what we imagine he told the underling charged with this Photoshop task ... HERE

For example: 3. THOSE CHEEKS: What exactly do you think she's hoarding in there? Snacks to get her through Ramadan? And boy could bitch take a little time out on that deviated septum...

8. BACK FAT: What is this, the new muffin top? She's spilling out all over that attractive sundress. Gross. And could her posture be worse?

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